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文章来源:先进功能复合材料协同创新中心 发布时间:2018年01月26日 点击数: 字体:
1Construction of novel S/CdS type II heterojunction for photocatalytic H2 production under visible light: the intrinsic positive role of elementary a-S曹静?Chemical Engineering Journal?2017, 321: 484-494?
2Synergetic effects of I- ions and BiOI on visible-light-activity enhancement of wide-band-gap (BiO)2CO3曹静?Applied Surface Science2017, 414: 365-372
3A novel double visible light active Z-scheme AgI/Ag/I-(BiO)2CO3 composite: Automatic formation of Ag bridge in the photocatalytic process曹静?Materials Research Bulletin2017, 94: 291-297
4Surface Na2CO3 etching induced activity enhancement of 2D BiOI photocatalyst working under visible light曹静?Science Bulletin2017, 62: 546-553
5Transforming type-I to type-II heterostructure photocatalyst via energy band engineering: a case study of I-BiOCl/I-BiOBr林海莉Applied Catalysis B: Environmental2017, 204: 505-514
6Construction of novel Au/Bi12O17Cl2 composite with intensive visible light activity enhancement for contaminants removal林海莉Materials Letters2017, 191: 132-135
7Metal Porphyrin Adsorption onto Asphaltene in Pentane Solution: A Comparison between Vanadyl and Nickel Etioporphyrins?陈菲菲Energy & Fuels?卷:31 期:4 页:3592-3601?
8Pt supraparticles with controllable DNA valences for programmed nanoassembly陈高礼Chemical Communications53, 9773-9776
9?Nanoimprinting-induced molecular orientation in poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanogratings and its extraordinary retention after thermal annealing.?丁光柱?Polymer Chemistry8, 2666-2674.
10Vapor-assisted room temperature nanoimprinting induced molecular alignment in patterned poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanogratings and its stability during thermal annealing.?丁光柱RSC Advances7, 40208-40217.
11Maintaining nanoimprinting-induced face-on
alignment in poly(3-hexylthiophene) nanopillars after thermal annealing
?丁光柱RSC Advances?7, 49227-49234.
12Crystallization morphology transition of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) films depending on nucleation temperature under temperature gradient.?丁光柱Macromolecular Research25, 303-310.
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16In situ photodeposition of MoSx on CdS nanorods as a highly efficient cocatalyst for photocatalytic hydrogen production付先亮Journal of Materials Chemistry A5, 15287-15293.
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18Organobase-catalyzed [1,2]-Brook rearrangement of silyl glyoxylates韩满意Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry15, 1418–1425
19‘On Water’ Direct Aldol Reaction of Oxindoles with β,γ-Unsaturat-ed α-Keto Esters for the Synthesis of 3-(α-Hydroxy-β-carbonyl)ox-indoles韩满意synlett28, 1378–1382
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24?One-pot solid-state reaction approach to synthesize Ag-Cu2O/GO ternary nanocomposites with enhanced visible-light-responsive photocatalytic activity李龙凤International Journal of Photoenergy?2017, Volume 2017,? Article ID 8983717,8 pages
25A three-dimensional cadmium coordination polymer based on 1,4-bis(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)-but-2-ene and benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxylic acid李妮娅Acta Crystallographica Section C-Structural Chemistry2017, C73, 749–753.
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32Synthesis of CeO2 Porous Nanospheres with Tunable Pore and Particle Sizes and
Their Adsorption to Methyl Orange
33Penicillamine-protected Ag20 nanoclusters and fluorescence chemosensing for trace detection of copper ions刘献虎Nanoscale9, 11,3986-3994
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37Synergistic effect of photocatalysis and thermocatalysis for selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aromatic aldehydes using Zn3In2S6@ZnO composite孟苏刚Applied Catalysis B: Environmental218、420-429
38Amino acid-assisted synthesis of In2S3 hierarchical architectures for selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aromatic aldehydes孟苏刚RSC Advances7、6457-6466
39Remarkable enhancement of photocatalytic performance via constructing a novel Z-scheme KNbO3/Bi2O3 hybrid material孟苏刚Materials Research Bulletin94、352-360
40Hierarchical h-, m- and n-BiPO4 microspheres: facile synthesis and application in the photocatalytic decomposition of refractory phenols and benzene孟苏刚RSC Advances7、36705-36713
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42Solvothermal synthesis of CdIn2S4 photocatalyst for selective photosynthesis of organic aromatic compounds under visible light陈士夫Scientific Reports7
43Visible-light-induced dual C–C bond formation via selective C(sp3 )–H bond cleavage: efficient access to alkylated oxindoles from activated alkenes and simple ethers under metal-free conditions苗涛Green Chemistry?2017, 19,
44Simultaneous determination of lead and copper by anodic stripping voltammetry using a poly(L-glutamic acid) modified electrode孙登明?Indian Journal of Chemistry -Section A?56A:238-242
46?Surfactant-assisted solid-state synthesis of 6LiMn0.8Fe0.2PO4/Li3V2(PO4)3/C nanocomposite for lithium-ion batteries汪燕鸣RSC Advances?7(44)27235–27242
47Solvothermal synthesis of LiFe1/3Mn1/3Co1/3PO4 solid solution as lithium storage cathode materials汪燕鸣RSC Advances?7(24)14354–14359
48Synthesis of LiMnPO4·Li3V2(PO4)3/C Nanocomposites for Lithium Ion Batteries Using Tributyl Phosphate as Phosphor Source王飞Journal of Nanotechnology2017,4030249,1-7
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51Doping induced grain size reduction and photocatalytic performance enhancement of SrMoO4:Bi3+王运健Applied Surface Science?卷: 392? 页: 649-657??
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53Metastable scheelite CdWO4:Eu3+ nanophosphors: Solvothermal synthesis, phase transitions and their polymorph-dependent luminescence properties王运健Dyes and Pigments?卷: 147? 页: 283-290?
54Unexpected formation of scheelite-structured Ca1?xCdxWO4 (0≤x≤1) continuous solid solutions with tunable photoluminescent and electronic properties?王运健Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics?卷: 19?? 期: 34?? 页: 23204-23212?
55Insights into TiO2 polymorphs: highly selective synthesis, phase transition, and their polymorph-dependent properties王运健RSC Advances卷: 7?? 期: 83?? 页:?? 52755-52761?
56?A New Mn(II) Coordination Polymer Based on 1H-pyrazolo[3,4-b]pyridin-3-amine: Crystal Structure, Magnetic and Electrochemical Properties徐蕴chinese journal of structural chemistry?36、11、1864-1870?
57Syntheses, structures and properties of four Cd(II) coordination polymers induced by the pH regulator徐蕴Journal of Molecular Structure1155、2018、72-77
58Heteroleptic (N-heterocyclic carbene)-Pd-pyrazole (indazole) complexes: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activities towards C-C and C-N cross-coupling reactions?杨进Applied Organometallic Chemistry?卷: 31 期: 10???? 文献号: e3734?
59Synthesis of (NHC)Pd(salicylaldimine)Cl complexes through template-directed ortho-aromatic metaloxylation of NHC-palladacycles derived from arylimines?杨进Dalton Transactions卷: 46? 期: 15? 页: 5003-5007?
60Piperazine- and DABCO-bridged dinuclear N-heterocyclic carbene palladium complexes: synthesis, structure and application to Hiyama coupling reaction?杨进Applied Organometallic Chemistry?卷: 31? 期: 1
文献号: e3543?
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64Design, Synthesis, Antiviral Activities of Novel Phosphonate Derivatives Containing Quinazoline Based on Chalone Motif张国平Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry54,2548-2555
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662D carboxylate-bridged LnIII coordination polymers: displaying slow magnetic relaxation and luminescence properties in the detection of Fe3+, Cr2O72? and nitrobenzene高伟Dalton Transactions?46(2017)? 13878–13887?
673D Ln-MOFs containing pentanuclear clusters exhibiting magnetic refrigeration and slow magnetic relaxation?张秀梅CrystEngComm19, 3660–3665?
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71Variation of Catalyst Structure and Catalytic Activity During Catalyst Preparation for Catalytic Ozonation of Heavy Oil Produced Water?朱秋实Water, Air, & Soil Pollution228卷,4期,168(1-11)
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74Three lanthanide–nitronyl nitroxide complexes: Syntheses, crystal
structures and magnetic properties
朱丽丽Polyhedron130 (2017) 40–4
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77Visible-light-induced oxidative formylation of N-alkyl-N-(prop-2-yn-1-yl)anilines with molecular oxygen in the absence of an external photosensitizer?王? 磊Chemical Communications?卷: 53 ??期: 60 ??页: 8482-8485
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79Photoinduced Oxidative Formylation of N,N-Dimethylanilines with Molecular Oxygen without External Photocatalyst?李品华Organic Letters?卷: 19 ??期: 13 ??页: 3386-3389
80Visible-light-induced and iron-catalyzed methylation of N-arylacrylamides with dimethyl sulphoxide: a convenient access to 3-ethyl-3-methyl oxindoles?李品华Organic Chemistry Frontiers??卷: 4 ??期: 7 ??页: 1322-1330
81Visible-light-induced and iron-catalyzed methylation of N-arylacrylamides with dimethyl sulphoxide: a convenient access to 3-ethyl-3-methyl oxindoles?李品华organic & biomolecular chemistry?卷: 15 期: 19?? 页: 4205-4211??
82Recent advances in asymmetric Reactions Catalyzed by Proline and Its Derivatives刘? 杰synthesis-stuttgart卷:49 期:5? 页:960-972??
83Visible Light-Induced Decarboxylative Acylarylation of Phenyl Propiolates with alpha-Oxocarboxylic Acids to Coumarins Catalyzed by Hypervalent Iodine Reagents under Transition Metal-Free Conditions王? 磊Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis??卷: 359?? 期: 3?? 页: 443-453
84?Theoretical insights into the reaction of Cp*(Cl) Hf(diene) with isonitriles?王? 磊RSC Advances卷:7 期: 71?? 页: 44979-44989
85Theoretical insights into C-C bond formation through isonitrile insertion into a Cp*Ti complex?王? 磊RSC Advances?卷: 7?? 期: 55?? 页: 34816-34829
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87Magnetic properties and magnetodielectric effect in Y-type hexaferrite Ba0.5Sr1.5Zn2-xMgxFe11AlO22张敏Journal of Alloys Compounds725(2017):1252-1258
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95Facile synthesis of novel butterfly-like Ag2MoO4 nanosheets for visible-light driven photocatalysis代凯?Materials Letters196: 373–376
96A facile fabrication of plasmonic g-C3N4/Ag2WO4/Ag ternary heterojunction visible-light photocatalyst代凯?Materials Chemistry and Physics186: 372-381
97Graphitic carbon nitride nanosheet for photocatalytic hydrogen production: The impact of morphology and element composition代凯?Applied Surface Science391, 369-375
98Elemental Two-Dimensional Nanosheets beyond
孔祥恺Chemical Society Reviews2017,46,2127-2157
99Free-Standing Holey Ni(OH)2 Nanosheets with Enhanced Activity for Water Oxidation孔祥恺Small2017,1700334
100Two-Dimensional Boron-Doped Graphyne Nanosheet: A New Metal-Free Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction孔祥恺Carbon2017,123,558-564
101Anion Engineering on Free-Standing Two-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets toward Hydrogen Evolution孔祥恺Inorganic Chemistry2017,56,11462-11465
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117Construction of Z-scheme Ag3PO4/Bi2WO6 composite with excellent visible-light photodegradation activity for removal of organic contaminants代凯Chinese Journal of Catalysis38, 2021-2029
118Multi-objective fruit fly optimization
?algorithm for analog test point
马清峰IMCEC 20162017:271-276
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